Why is my Computer so Slow?

Why is my Computer so Slow? It is a common question that bothers many computer users. If you’re facing computer slow startup problems, then remember you are one among millions of other users facing same problem. To solve this problem, first thing to do is reboot your system before you start anything. The most common reason for slow startup problem is because of various programs running in the computer. Remove Startup and TSRs programs, these programs automatically start running whenever you switch on your computer.

Computer users always question themselves why is my computer so slow? Sometime because of antivirus scanners the performance of the computer slows down.  But, the best possible way to find the solution is through SpeedyPC Pro


 Optimize Your PC

  •  It Cleans the system and removes ActiveX, clutter and registry errors that slow the computer.
  • It protects your PC by eradicating malware & privacy files.
  • It opens indefinite file extensions using File Manger tool.
  • It Optimize memory with defragging and improves recall and file save times.
  • Additional benefits of SpeedyPC Pro are it improves your system performance.

Download size only- 4.5MB

Un-Install from the control panel / Software

SpeedyPC Pro is a productive software, which contains most advanced features to assist you optimize your computer.

SpeedyPC pro Improve your Computers performance and speed

SpeedyPC Pro optimizes, protects and cleans your system for better operation, speed and performance. You can observe how this outstanding software improves your system working conditions.


1. Scan Your computer for potential problems that slows down your internet

2. Results are listed in the main window after scan complete.

3. Clean your windows and enjoy faster internet browsing

Do you ask yourself ‘why is your computer so slow’?

Now you don’t need to worry about the question why is your computer so slow? Because you have a solution now for slow booting problems, SpeedyPC Pro can help you enhance your PC boot time. This exclusive software developed by professionals search your system for windows registry problems, Active X, risky malware, performance problems, and unwanted junk and private files. Once it find the problems it eliminate these problems by removing clutter, freezing, error messages and any kind of erratic performance and improves startup time.

Perfect Solution for your System Problems

SpeedyPC Pro is a perfect solution for all your PC problems. It is considered as an excellent toolbox to repair, clean and optimize your system.  It scans the entire device and locates the major problems like registry errors, which is most annoying problems that slows down your computers performance.  The advantage of SpeedyPC Pro is that it also contains advanced tools to increase startup time, defragment your systems memory, locate the right program to release file extensions. Removes unwanted add-ons from browser.

Deal with system problems

Windows registry is considered as a vital factor in your PC performance. If the windows registry is not in proper condition that means your system needs immediate help! This huge, problematical database-records settings, application controls and preferences , corruption and errors in the registry leads to poor performance, instability, error messages, sluggishness and many other problems.

SpeedyPC Pro helps clean Windows registry from:

  • Application paths
  • ActiveX
  • Uninstall entries
  • Shared dlls
  • Shell extensions
  • File path references
  • Startup entries
  • and much more


Manage resources

When you work continuously on your PC after some years it effect the performance and speed of your computer and slow down the working condition. SpeedyPC Pro handles your systems resources for enhanced performance.

SpeedyPC Pro scans and hunts down useless programs that are running in your system. Most of these programs operate without your permission and takes away resources from your PC. With SpeedyPC Pro you can select the program that you want to launch when you switch on the computer.  This tool manages and controls the programs from launching at a time and increases boot time.

Safeguard your privacy

If someone has been accessing your information from your computer can create a huge problem. The information gathered by intruders can be used for targeted phishing frauds, identity theft and other major fraud attempts.

SpeedyPC Pro wipes away all your confidential and private information. It clears all your credit card numbers, passwords and any other financial as well as personal information from your computer.

Clean-up clutter

In the beginning your computer works perfectly and saves information at once place. However, over a period of time it starts piling up all kind of junk and stores unnecessary file, clutter and temporary programs. This kind of junk occupies lot of space in your computer. SpeedyPC Pro removes all unwanted clutter and junk.

Constant browsing also causes clutter in your computer. If you use Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or any other browser, your computer gets filled up with Browser Helper Objects (BHOs).  These BHOs may improve your browsing skills but it also slows down the PC performance. SpeedyPC Pro helps you clean-up all unwanted BHOs.

Rapid file recall

 Over a period of time your computer starts storing the information in various places, it stores one-file information at different place, wherever it finds the space. When you recall for file, it take awful lot of time to recollect all information to recall the file. With SpeedyPC Pro you can get help through defragmenting all pieces of file and get the file faster.

Help open file-extensions

There are several formats and file types are available including docx, ppt, pdf, pps, xls and doc.  With these types of numerous file and formats sometimes you may get confused which file to open.  SpeedyPC can assist you in opening unrecognized file-extensions. You need to type in-the-extension and it efficiently locates the software that you wanted.

Take care of restore points successfully

Restore points can be expressed as snapshot of your PC settings. These restore points are helpful when things go wrong during installation of software or programs. Also, debilitated restore points occupies space in your hard disk. SpeedyPC Pro can help you set latest restore points and helps your remove old restore points.